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Forte and Ripple’s Xpring form $100 million fund to support blockchain technology in gaming


Blockchain-based platform technology provider, Forte,
and Ripple’s developer ecosystem initiative Xpring, have formed a $100 million
fund to support game developers.

The funds will be operating alongside Forte’s platform
technologies and include open-source solutions designed in collaboration with
Ripple to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology in

With Forte’s platform it becomes easy for developers
to apply blockchain technology to their games, increase engagement and monetization
with their players. The inaugural fund, managed by Forte, mainly targets game
developers operating live game economies with over 50,000 daily active users
and having an interest in using blockchain to unlock support for new game
designs and drive business results.    

Forte’s technology stack includes components designed
in close collaboration with Ripple, namely leveraging the open-source
Interledger Protocol with XRP serving as a base pair settlement and the
container-based hosting solution Codius supporting seamless transactions across

The Forte team comprises of game industry veterans,
hailing from industry leading game companies such as Kabam, Unity, and

Brett Seyler, chief platform officer at Forte, said:
“The industry needs solutions that can support these economies at scale
with cross-chain interoperability.”

Forte is actively funding game developers who meet its

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