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EP03 Protect your Digital Security

Start thinking about your digital security. Everything you do online can be monitored, and most is. Change your mindset and think about what you do online. Learn to protect yourself, and think about what company owns what service before you trust it because they say it is secure.

Examples and tips in this episode 


SyRI, devised by social affairs ministry officials in 2014, has been used by four local authorities to draw up lists of people suspected of some form of housing or social security fraud. The system uses an algorithm which links government organisations and draws up risk profiles based on the profiles of people already caught committing social security fraud. It then combs the records to find people with a similar risk profile who are then considered to be potential fraudsters and listed for further investigation. The court case was brought privacy groups, the FNV trade union federation and several private individuals. They argue that SyRI makes ordinary people suspects without reason. The system has also been criticised by UN human rights and poverty rapporteur Philip Alston who told the court by letter that it appears to discriminate against people with little money and people with a minority background.

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