The Universe

The world, as we are about to get to know it

We look back to the world as it existed, and hope it’ll come back. We are so used to it. It was good. But was it?

That depends. The world as we knew it was run by the never ending hunger for more profits. Money was the main motivator for anyone doing anything. In our almost perverse lust for more money we were on our way to kill the very planet we live on, and depend upon. We took all the resources and traded them for money. We used these resources to pollute the environment, making it harder and harder for mother nature to provide us with these resources, driving up prices. And we were aware that we were killing off the planet for money. We didn’t care. We were busy getting ready to find a way to the next planet, so we could slowly rob that of all its’ resources, never looking back.

We are a destructive species. We are no good.

But we can change! And maybe, just maybe, this current crisis is mother nature giving us a chance to do better. Maybe, just maybe there is a chance for us. Maybe we can save ourselves from ourselves, and create that world that is more fair to all, places people above profits, and becomes sustainable, therefore, our home once more.

Let’s do it, people. I know we can. Stand up and say “No More!”. Start with yourself.

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