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The role of the pandemic

Is the pandemic that is happening right now and instrument to the grand awakening?

The world as we know it, or better, as we have known it, is about to change. That world was run by certain people that were interested in financial gains, and financial gains only. Financial gains are pointless in the world, as they only mean something to people who believe in them.

Let me explain.

We (used to) live in a world that was run by force and by fear. From an early age on, we were taught to always try and be the best, especially when compared to others around us. If you look closely, you can find it everywhere, but is deeply embedded in our world, in our lives, in our cultures and societies. Examples can be found in the bizarre competitive nature of education, where children young adults are pushed to study hard, so they can ‘get ahead’. Even that term, ‘get ahead’ is a direct mention of trying to be ‘better than others’. Better at what, I ask? Better at remembering theories from books for a certain period of time? Better at accumulating financial debt? I believe the latter is the one that those in power are looking for. Finishing your education with a large financial debt locks you in the prison they want you in — you have no way to go but the ‘get a good job’ way, becoming powerless in the hands of them. You will have no say in anything, because fear has been installed in you. In kindergarten you were already taught that ‘if you don’t do what the teachers say and get good grades, you will never get a good job and therefore spend your life in misery’. That’s false, obviously. But being in debt, working your job for years and years just so you can pay off that debt, keeps you in line. You won’t protest, because that could cost you that job, and you’ll be unable to pay off that debt.


If you ever drive a car, have you noticed how everyone around you is trying to pass you? They are literally trying to get ahead. Another bizarre behavior, a prime example of how we have been taught and conditioned to play against each other. It serves no purpose. And if you sit down and think about it, I know you will agree.

So, why is this happening, you wonder? If so much effort is put into conditioning us like that, someone must gain something, right? Exactly. First of all, by making sure we are busy trying to look better than our neighbors, by keeping us in fear of our jobs and financial consequences, by keeping us in line, they make sure we don’t focus and see what is really going on.

So what is really going on, you ask? Well, this. All of this that I just described. This systematic conditioning is making sure that the system keeps working for the few that are in power. Because they can keep comparing themselves to us, and tell themselves they must be in power because they have accumulated more. And we believe them. We believe that money equals power. And we accept that more having more money means that they can change things in their favor, while we cannot.

But, it is all about to change. And the current pandemic is instrumental. Thanks to the pandemic, we are confined to our homes. We cannot go out and distract ourselves anymore. We cannot go to the gym (we went there to get in better shape than the neighbor). We cannot go to the office and act like we’re superior to our colleague anymore. We cannot go to a gathering and make sure everyone sees the care we arrived in, so they know we have the better one than they do. So we look inwards, for answers. We wonder if there is more. Fear tries to keep us in check. “The virus is very deadly and dangerous”. Well, I am sorry, but the numbers don’t support it.

It is time to deny fear, and open up to the grand awakening. I know, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Start by doubting everything you are told. I am not saying it’s all wrong, I am asking you to start thinking for yourselves, instead of just accepting what is broadcasted to you via the media (controlled by them), the social networks (controlled by them), and more. Try and look at the facts. Try and think, try and understand why all of this is happening. Prepare yourself for the possibility that we are on the verge of a huge shift in awareness, in life, in everything. The grand awakening is arriving.

Confused? Great. Questions? Ask them. Are you in need of some help seeing it all? Follow this spot. I will guide you. I will not tell you what to do, or to believe. I will not tell you who is right, and who is wrong. But I will shine light on your path, so you can clearly see which way to go. And that’s totally up to you. I am not telling you to go anywhere. I only ask you to open up your mind, let go, and be open to an alternative view of the world we live in, and a world we could be living in. The one we should be living in.

Be well. There is more to come.

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