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A clear sign of upcoming change — are we awakening?

A clear sign of upcoming change — are we awakening?

With everything that is happening in the world as we knew it, there are a few things you can recognize that point towards a big change, a huge shift in our thinking, the way we organize our lives and exchange the current society for a new one, one that is social in nature, instead of what we have come to get to know so far.

The economy we knew was constructed by people with a hunger for money. Their love for profits has been so huge, that society has been constructed around it, causing fellow humans to suffer, so more money could be obtained.

Money is power, we have heard them say, as if it were true. Consequences are plenty: Extreme poverty, modern slavery for the ones that tried to keep up and win a spot in society, a dying planet, all for the greater income of the upper ten. But money doesn’t actually exist or has any value, unless we believe that it does. Our planet, on the contrary, does exist. And it is dying.

But there is good news. There are signs of an upcoming change. I call it the Grand Awakening. One of the clearest sign of an oncoming change is the fact that more and more people are no longer simply accepting what is fed to them through the media. More and more of us are questioning what our governments tell us. We no longer take everything they say for truth. And this new scepticism is good. Because it means that we might have come to a point where we open ourselves up to new realities, new chances, new opportunities. Hear me explain in the video below and let me know what you think in the comments.

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