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Reality and your consciousness

Do you have any idea how the consciousness works, and what role it plays in your life? Your mind consists of two parts: Your brain, and your consciousness. The brain stores and processes data, routines and so on, while the consciousness learns, listens and interprets what data it is fed, and sends the result to the brain.

How is reality formed?

As you know, reality is an interpretation by the brain. All inputs are combined, and compared with what is already known, and interpreted based upon that information. Artificial Intelligence works like this as well. No wonder, it is invented by humans, therefore modeled after humans.

The thing is though, what you perceive as reality, is totally based upon what is already stored in your brain. So in theory, if false information is stored there, your perception of reality will follow that, and therefor, be false. And that’s exactly what is happening. From a young age, you are fed specific data and information, so that your behavior is predictable, and you will never find out that there is so much more that is possible in life.

The cool thing is, you can change it.

Absolutely. By changing the data that is fed into your consciousness, you can overwrite stored information, and by doing that, you manipulate your reality, allowing you to shape it anyway you want. The easiest way is by making use of affirmations. Affirmations are specific formed sentences that you tell yourself (out loud, yes) over and over, until your brain accepts them and they start becoming true. For instance, if you are often worried over money to provide for your family, you could use an affirmation like ‘I can easily provide for my family, with plenty of money’. Repeating this over time will make it be stored in the brain, and thus become part of your reality. This is, in short, how you can shape or reshape your reality. Remember, this is no magical formula that brings you money, what is does is open doors that have blocked your view on opportunities that allow you to create what you want to. Call it a “mind opener”. You will discover ways to realize those dreams that you never knew existed.

Go and research for yourself, there is lots of information out there, freely available that helps you form your affirmations. But know that it is not overnight. You need to do this for an extended period. But you will find that after a few days it becomes less and less weird to say these things to you, and at a certain moment, they will become true.

Good luck, and namasté

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