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Pakistan government’s Twitter account gets blocked in India

Pakistan’s official Twitter account has been withheld in India a second time in the past few months. Users in India trying to access @GovtofPakistan got the “Account Withheld” notice, the explanation being the account has been withheld “in response to a legal demand.”

This is the second time the account has been withheld for Indian users. In June, at the request of the Indian government, Twitter withheld the official account of the Pakistan government, as well as others including the accounts of the Pakistani missions in the UN, Egypt, Iran, and Turkey. The account of the state-run Radio Pakistan was also withheld.

Earlier this year, several accounts, including those of Indian journalists critical of the government, were banned. And last year, the Indian government ordered Twitter to remove tweets by the Freedom House, a US-based think tank, that discussed the detention of Indians for criticizing the government’s social media policy and using the internet shutdown to quash dissent.

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