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Even before I was fully ready, I jumped the gun and began advertising my BBS phone number on other BBSes. I started getting calls on the BBS phone line at night, which disturbed my parents. For some reason, I still had a conventional telephone (with the ringer turned on) sitting in my bedroom.

Benj Edwards just wrote a great piece remembering his young days as a BBS Sysop, which brought back many memories for myself. Therefore, I urge you to go and read it. Link is below.

In January 1992, my dad brought home a gateway to a parallel world: a small black plexiglass box labeled “ZOOM” that hooked to a PC’s serial port. This modem granted the power to connect to other computers and share data over the dial-up telephone network.

The original Cave BBS ran for just over five years, but the Telnet version of The Cave has now been running for 17 years—far longer than my dial-up days. Is it the pretender now or the real thing? Where does nostalgia stop and the present begin? As it turns out, the veil between the past and future is far more permeable than I thought.

My secret life as an 11-year-old BBS sysop | Ars Technica