Rise of the phoenix — a new economy could rise from the ashes of the old

We’re in crisis, right now. I would not go as far as saying there is an economic crisis happening, but the press sure tries to convince us. And maybe, in some ways, they’re right.

The economy as we know it is purely based upon greed. Nothing more, nothing less. Companies have mostly become the victims of the shareholders, forcing the directors to make as much profit, not excel at the company’s product or service.

Is this bad?

Yes. If you start a company because you have a solution for a problem, that’s great, because you’re doing mankind a service. You’re doing good. But if you setup a company because you know you can make a lot of money with it, those are the wrong reasons. The core will be based purely around making the most of money, not delivering quality to the customer. We can see this all around us, right now.

But things could change. What we see now is more and more people understanding that working together leads to more happiness, while greed leads to negativity and money does not buy happiness. The current economical situation did not cause this, but accelerates it. After the current economical turmoil calms, we could see a new economy emerge. One that cares about people, not just shareholder value.

This new economy will focus on working together. More and more business owners will start seeing the value in doing things together, developing products and services together, and more people will start cooperations or participate in cooperations, because they embody what the new economy, the new society and the new world order is all about: about the people. Out with the old, in with the new. It is time to start working together, not compete. Patents will devaluate. Competiting companies will seek to join hands.

People, caring about other people, instead of showing off goods, that have no meaning anyway.

What do you think? Achievable?

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