Language learning company Reverso is launching its desktop app for macOS and Windows. Like on mobile, it lets you access a translation dictionary and get examples in context. The company has attracted 40,000 downloads in two days.

While Google Translate is massively successful, Reverso has managed to attract 20 million downloads on iOS and Android. Most users come from France, Italy, Russia and the U.S. The company’s websites also attract tens of millions of unique visitors every month who generate over 500 million page views.

Thanks to the new desktop app, you can access Reverso more quickly when you’re using your computer. You can highlight a word or a few words in any app and search for those words in Reverso with a keyboard shortcut. It automatically switches to the app window with your query.

You can also access synonyms from the app and hear the pronunciation of a word. Like on mobile, the app is free and there’s an optional subscription to access more features.

In other news, Reverso recently launched Reverso Documents, a service that lets you upload your document and get a translation with your original layout. You can review and edit the translation before downloading your document. Behind the scene, the company has improved its neural machine translation technologies for this kind of products.

Reverso Documents supports Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel files. There are 50,000 people using Reverso Documents every month. You can pay a one-time fee or pay a subscription to access the service.

The company also works with corporate clients to help them translate user guides, internal guidelines and more. Companies can upload documents that have already been translated so that Reverso can learn about your specific vocabulary. Clients include banks and car manufacturers.

Reverso is diversifying its revenue beyond web ads. And the company has a large user base at the top of the funnel that could end up interacting with more Reverso products down the road.

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