JBS S.A. has announced it is using blockchain technology for confidentiality and security of livestock transportation data as part of a wider program for conservation in the Amazon.

The Brazilian company, cited as the largest meat processing company in the world by sales, unveiled a program called ‘Together for the Amazon’, which features four pillars in total.

The first pillar, development of the value chain, concentrates on the JBS Gren Platform, is where the blockchain side comes in. “By using blockchain technology, the company will gurantee the confidentiality and security of the personal, commercial and sanitary information of the producers, as well as transparency in the analyses of the suppliers,” the company noted.

Other pillars include forest conservation and restoration, support for communities, and scientific and technological development. To this extent, the company will provide legal, environmental and animal husbandry advisory to assist producers with environmental regularisation of their properties.

Another factor of the program is climate change, an area which this publication has previously reported and which has been given priority within JBS’ global sustainability targets in 2019.

A fund, launched with the plan of R$ 250 million contributed over the first five years, will be launched to help finance initiatives for expanding forest conservation, as well as promote sustainable development for local communities.

“We are publicly reiterating our commitment to the sustainability of the Amazon,” said Gilberto Tomazoni, global CEO of JBS. “We hope to scale up, not only in combating deforestation, but also in fostering the bio-economy, sustainable agriculture and social development.”

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

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