In cybersecurity, nothing is “unhackable.”

Security bugs are an unavoidable consequence of an online world, but how companies receive and respond to hackers can make or break them. Get it right, and you build bonds with the security and hacker community and improve your security by fixing flaws before malicious actors do. Get it wrong — well, you can imagine the rest.

That’s why we’re thrilled that Katie Moussouris, founder and chief executive at Luta Security, will give a crash course in bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs at TC Early Stage 2021.

Moussouris is a pioneer and one of the leading experts in vulnerability disclosure, and has helped some of the largest companies and government departments — from Microsoft to the Pentagon — change how they respond to hackers and security researchers. This cultural shift helped transform the security industry, creating a way for hackers to find, report and get paid for the vulnerabilities they find, while carving out an entire industry dedicated to helping to crowdsource and coordinate security fixes.

In 2016, Moussouris founded Luta Security to advise companies and governments on the benefits of security research and how to build and improve their vulnerability disclosure programs.

In this TC Early Stage session, you will hear the good, the bad and the ugly that startups will face when managing vulnerability disclosures.

Moussouris joins a growing list of speakers at TC Early Stage, an event packed with breakout sessions focused on all the core competencies that a startup needs to be successful. Here’s a preview of some of the sessions going down at TC Early Stage:

  • How to Get An Investor’s Attention (Marlon Nichols, MaC Venture Partners)
  • Four Things to Think About Before Raising a Series A (Bucky Moore, Kleiner Perkins)
  • How Founders Can Think Like a VC (Lisa Wu, Norwest Venture Partners)
  • Finance for Founders (Alexa von Tobel, Inspired Capital)
  • Building and Leading a Sales Team (Ryan Azus, Zoom CRO)
  • Keys to Nailing Product Market Fit (Rahul Vohra, Superhuman)

Plus: The TC Early Stage curriculum is being spread across two events, with fundraising and operations represented on April 1 & 2 and fundraising and marketing deep dives on July 8 & 9. Folks who buy a ticket to just one event will get three months of Extra Crunch for free, and folks who buy a dual-event ticket will get six months of Extra Crunch membership for free.