Robotics, AI, automation. Everyone is talking about it. Talking about how robots will take our jobs. How AI will surpass us. How automation will put us on welfare.

I have a dream.

If we control the developments of AI and robotics, we can make sure the technology is a tool that helps us, frees us of the slave labor, the pointless jobs we do, giving us the gift of time. Of course, we need money. I think universal basic income is the solution. It does need to be implemented on a global scale though, to prevent the same envy we see now between people. Level the playing field.

Automation (robotics+AI, controlled by humans) plus universal basic income, leads to freedom. And I firmly believe that a substantial portion of humans will start activities that are helpful to all of us, in different forms. Some of us will start making things we can use, on a local scale. Others will become artist, possibly their dreams but never possible because of job obligations that are now gone. Some of us will do nothing. It’s all good. Everybody will find their place, whatever that may be.

I believe it can happen. I have a dream.

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