Social media plays a very important role in our everyday lives. We not only communicate and share interesting stories with our friends but also learn a lot of things along the way.

In order to understand how people think about something, and what trends are currently popular in an industry, we need to actively engage in a virtual community that is built around the crypto industry, in our case. The first step towards doing it is to find popular pages, accounts, and people who are sort of “community leaders”, meaning they are popular and respected in the crypto world.

These people are often referred to as influences. In fact, let’s take a look at who influencers really are and how they impact the crypto space.

Who Are Influencers Actually?

Influences are basically famous people on the Internet who have thousands of followers on their accounts. They are called influences for marketing purposes mainly, as they can influence the opinions of their followers in one way or another. Many times, these influencers are contacted by marketing agencies to promote a product or service. For example, influencers in the beauty niche can promote a skincare product, as people who follow them are interested in such purchases. This is often called influencer marketing.

However, in the crypto industry, influencers are a bit different. They are either successful traders who managed to earn a lot by making the right moves, or they are some of the most brilliant minds who are pushing the industry forward with various innovations.

Where to Find Crypto Trading Influencers?

Influencers use all kinds of social media, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. However, one medium often turns out to be more popular than all others. And when it comes to crypto trading, that’s Twitter. Simply put, the fast and convenient way to share and read the information on Twitter makes it suitable for a fast-paced business such as crypto trading. Therefore, popular and successful traders find it interesting and useful to share the information with their followers on Twitter.

How to Find The Popular Crypto People on Twitter?

This is a pretty easy procedure. Most of the popular people from the industry can be found just by googling their name with “Twitter” added after that. In other words, Google should be able to find the person you’re looking for and provide it as the first result, especially if the person you’re searching is popular and gets a lot of visitors/likes/shares on posts.

Who Are the Most Popular Crypto Influencers?

Finding successful crypto traders in order to follow their Twitter accounts is perhaps not that difficult. However, the more complicated part is to determine who those people actually are. If you’re new to this activity, it’s likely that you don’t know much about people in the industry, except for Satoshi Nakamoto, who doesn’t have any accounts and is probably not even a real person.

There’s no correct answer to this question. After some time, your list of followers would probably differ from the next guy, because you would have some very specific interest. For example, you could focus on trading XRP, so you would probably search for all the important traders and influencers who are also focusing on this coin.

We conducted a list of a couple of people that you should consider following if you’re completely new to the industry. However, don’t get scared if you don’t understand what some of them are writing at first. You’ll get the hang of it in time and will be able to become an active member of the online crypto community, learning a lot of things along the way.

Therefore, let’s check out some of the important crypto people. Read on!

John McAfee

McAfee is a real crypto superstar on Twitter. Although he may not always give useful info, it’s interesting following one such character and have fun while reading his interesting takes on the crypto industry. Remember McAfee antivirus that used to install when nobody asked for it. Yeah, it was created by this guy.

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is perhaps the brightest mind in the crypto industry. He is known in the crypto world as the creator of Ethereum — not only the crypto but also the entire platform. Some would argue that Vitalik is the most important person in the crypto world, and he is not even 30! As a matter of fact, at the moment of writing this, Buterin is only 25 years old and he wrote the original whitepaper in 2013, which is almost seven years ago. He was, therefore, only 18 back then. 18!

Charlie Lee

Charlie Lee is popular in the crypto world as the creator of Litecoin, which grew to become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and a valuable alternative to Bitcoin. He often tweets about the industry, trading, Litecoin, and other cryptos as well. All in all, Lee is a big guy in the crypto world and you should follow him on Twitter, especially if you plan to buy or sell Litecoin.

Marc Andersen

Andersen is an entrepreneur who happened to like investing in crypto, so following this guy is definitely a wise thing to do, as you can learn a lot about everything crypto-related. Practical knowledge is what makes this game unique and a real gem in the crypto community. He is one of the most popular crypto people on Twitter for a reason!

Conclusion: Find Your Favorite Influencers

The guys mentioned above are just something you should start with. They will often comment or share tweets from other important people in the industry, meaning you will have a lot of chances to follow influencers who might be interesting to you.

Being part of the crypto community is a two-way street, however, so don’t be afraid to join the discussion and share your thoughts and trading results with others on Twitter. After you meet the Twitter crypto community, make sure to check out some profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram in order to broaden your perspectives.

By lecrab