Everything is different. Life has changed a lot. Even though politicians try to sell it to us a negative, a lot of good things are happening. Now that a lot of us work from home, traffic has been reduced. Factories have closed. People have been asked to stay inside. Especially in regions where a lockdown is in place, the world has quieted down quite a bit. Life has become calm, silent.

Something else that has happened as a result is a sharp decline in pollution. It happened in China as well after the lockdown took place there, smog disappeared, air became cleaner. And now that same effect is seen throughout regions in lockdown. And thatis not only remarkable, but also something to consider. Could this show us the way to go? Is this a way of life that is more sustainable, better for our environment, the planet, nature, and in extension, us?

I hear people use the words “when we go back to normal”, but I cannot help but wonder if this should not be the new normal. Why go back? Because we enjoy sitting in traffic every day, thus wasting time, energy and our efforts while also polluting the air and killing our own environment? Because we want to get to the office every day, late, knowing that we have to fight traffic again at the end of the day, just to do the things we could have done just as well from home? We have now learned that we can, and we’ve seen that it is way more efficient, so why go back?

Just a thought.

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By lecrab