Rolls Royce, ING Bank, AB InBev, and trading platform are the latest members to join the Blockchain Education Alliance, arbiter MouseBelt has announced.

The alliance, which was launched last year aimed at grouping industry leaders around blockchain education and research, already counts Mastercard, Binance X and Ripple’s Xpring among its members.

As this publication put it in February on the latter’s arrival, members of the alliance ‘work jointly to provide university students with the connections and required knowledge to enter the workforce with practical blockchain skills to contribute to the growing industry.’

This time around, the focus is on the three enterprises and the maturation of the alliance. “It’s no surprise that enterprises are interested in supporting education,” said Adam Leon, VP of partnerships at MouseBelt. “Through these programs they can source highly skilled talent, identify opportunities for innovative research, and support cutting-edge projects that will ultimately provide advanced solutions to their major internal pain points.”

With the Covid-19 pandemic ensuring disruption to education – as many establishments look to off-campus and remote learning – MouseBelt has sensed a further opportunity. The Blockchain Education Alliance helped produce 72 hours of educational content for students and enterprises for the REIMAGINE 2020 virtual conference, including interviews with students and developer-focused workshops.

The three new entrants have an established presence in the blockchain sphere. ING Bank sealed a five year deal last year with R3’s Corda blockchain platform, while AB InBev, among other initiatives, is a member of the IBM-headed Trust Your Supplier tool. Rolls Royce has less of a presence; however last year the engineering firm hosted a blockchain innovation challenge, won by Hong Kong-based Block Aero.

Photo by Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

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