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Gaming and esports entertainment and events company TGS Esports has entered a letter of intent to acquire Volcanic Media Inc., a Canadian grassroots esports and scholastic tournament organiser. 

Following the acquisition, TGS will remove all fees for schools and students currently using Volcanic’s products. 

The Gaming Stadium Acquires Volcanic Media
Credit: TGS

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Operating since 2018, Volcanic has created Canada’s National Esports Scholastic League, which works directly with school districts and educators on esports engagement and activations including tournaments and in-class activities.

According to a release, it is anticipated that the acquisition will drive over 200,000 new users to TGS through Volcanic’s scholastic programs. These users will feed into TGS online platform following the recent acquisition of Pepper Esports with the goal of creating a centralised ecosystem that includes a digital platform as well as in-person engagement. 

Additionally, TGS will establish a scholastic division to oversee the new arm of the business which will incorporate Volcanic executive staff. 

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Volcanic has established working relationships with six school districts across 13 cities and reached over 1,000 high school students. Notable initiatives include awarding high school students esports scholarships, the creation of inter-district high school esports leagues and engaging with indigenous communities, such as the development of pilot esports programs with the Binche Keyoh First Nation.

President of Volcanic Media Inc., Shawn Caldera noted that the company “was created to provide high quality esports events in the scholastic space. In this regard, the agreement with TGS will allow us to take Volcanic to the next level and work with students not only in High School but beyond.”

Spiro Khouri, CEO of TGS is excited to extend the working relationship that was already established with volanic. Commenting that “we have been working with Shawn and his team for some time now and it made perfect sense to bring Volcanic into the fold. Thirty percent of all gamers are under the age of 18 and that number is growing. By introducing that demographic to TGS it allows them to interact with us early and stay a part of our ecosystem beyond high school.”

Esports Insider says: TGS has made some decent moves to establish a holistic suite of products to offer the grassroots scene, young players and educational institutions alike. Acquiring Pepper Esports gave the company the flexibility of an online offering to players, which can now be integrated into the high school network established by Volcanic. 

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