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Team Singularity has announced the cancellation of its partnership with apparel company Dashthreads, according to a statement issued by the Danish organisation.

Singularity named Dashthreads as its official merchandise supplier at the beginning of 2020, however, the agreement between the two entities has now concluded due to alleged ‘unprofessionalism, lies, and mistreatment of the partnership’.  

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In an official post on the organisation’s website, Team Singularity offered apologies to its fans, players, influencers, content creators, management, and the community for not being able to deliver merchandise on time or wrongfully. The organisation promised to set things right and vowed to ‘take action’ against its former merchandise supplier.

Atle Stehouwer, Founder & CEO of Team Singularity wrote: “I do not even know where to start in regards to describing the feeling of disappointment I have and the past three months have caused so many frustrations and negative vibes that have resonated internally, that we simply have had to cut off the source of these frustrations by parting ways with DashThreads.”

Stehouwer claims that Team Singularity has experienced missing products and failed to execute marketing plans over the past 3-4 months due to DashThreads’ inability to fulfil its obligations.

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“I’m very sad that my worst fears prior to entering this partnership earlier this year came true and I take full responsibility for a deal that should never been made in the first place,” Stehouwer continued. “I will not beat myself up about giving people and startups a second chance, I am just sad that DashThreads and [DashThreads CEO] Devin Fry decided not to rise above previous accusations and prove that it was a legit startup.  Actions speak louder than words”.

Esports Insider says: The esports industry is still new and that, unfortunately, translates to risks that might not pay off. Just as the ‘dot com’ bubble of the ’90s gave rise to giants like Google, it also saw a surge of start-ups that ultimately shut down. Esports Insider has no personal knowledge of how DashThreads conducts its business, but if allegations are true, Team Singularity’s negative testimony will not do this start-up any favours.

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