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Real Madrid professional footballer Casemiro has followed in the footsteps of various other sports stars by launching his own esports organisation, CaseEsports.

Alongside the launch of the organisation, CaseEsports also revealed that its first venture into the industry is through CS:GO after signing a full Brazilian team.

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The squad, which consists of Paulo “land1n” Felipe, Denis “dzt” Fisher, Felipe Delboni, Yan “yepz” Pedretti, and Vinicius “⁠n1ssim⁠” Pereira, will be based in Madrid, as the footballer looks to establish his new organisation in Spain.

Moreover, the players will also be provided with an office and gaming house in order to practice and compete in the country. The team is expected to compete in the qualifiers for the DreamHack Open in December.

According to HLTV, Casemiro stated: “This team was created out of a hobby of mine that I really enjoy.

“I wanted to take it to a professional level, and just like in my career, I want them to be the best. I know that creating a new team and winning titles will take time and require a lot of work, but I hope that the players and the fans will really enjoy this project.”

If you go on the organisation’s homepage you can also spot that CaseEsports has already secured a range of partners as part of its launch. Peripherals firm HyperX, BŮH, gaming chair company Drift and Spanish glasses brand Hawkers are all sponsors of Casemiro’s new venture, as shown on the firm’s official website.

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Over the last few months, there has been an ever-increasing trend of athletes looking to either invest or create their own esports brands. Last week, it was revealed that Man City footballer Sergio Aguero launched his own esports organisation KRU Esports.

Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver, JuJu Smith-Schuster has also invested in the industry following the creation of his own gaming organisation Team Diverge. Additionally, Los Angeles Lakers basketballer Dion Waiters has invested in Miami-based esports and lifestyle brand, Centric Gaming.

All of the investments listed above have occurred in the last two weeks alone.

Esports Insider says: The fact that the CaseEsports has seemingly stepped out of its comfort zone by developing its brand through CS:GO shows that the organisation wants to be known as a legitimate player in the industry.

The initial signs look good, particularly as the firm has already secured a range of partnerships, however, only time will tell if the organisation can thrive in what is slowly becoming a crowded market.

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