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AcadArena, a Philippines campus esports initiative, has partnered with Bren Esports to develop esports and gaming courses for students and professionals in the country.

As a result of the deal, Bren Esports will be responsible for developing an esports and management track, in collaboration with AcadArena, for the initiative’s school partners.

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The Philippines esports organisation will also co-develop a content series with the intention to ‘drive esports in the country forward’. Moreover, the educational tracks look to focus specifically on developing future generations planning to enter the industry.

“AcadArena’s expertise in the collegiate space is exactly what we need to move the industry forward. We’re excited to build the next generation of esports professionals with them,” commented Bren Esports COO Jab Escutin.

“Education plays a big part in the success and sustainability of the esports industry and it’s only right that we create opportunities for our students to reach their dreams.”

Throughout the duration of the partnership, AcadArena will also develop Bren Esports’ educational training by creating modules which can be offered to the organisation’s employees. 

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AcadArena students who compete internationally will also gain access to the Bren Esports’ facilities and coaching staff in order to assist in their development. 

Justin Banusing, AcadArena’s CBO, added: “We at the AcadArena team are extremely excited about this partnership, given that we’re big fans of the Bren organization as a whole.

 “As industry leaders, the sheer amount of knowledge they can impart to our students can’t be understated and will help level up the campus esports space as a whole.”

Esports Insider says: AcadArena and Bren Esports’ collaboration will continue to develop the Phillippines grassroots esports scene as more nations look to integrate education programmes to schools globally. Moreover, Bren Esports will gain the advantage of developing their own players, whilst also being able to scout some of the country’s esports prospects due to the collaboration.

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