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German production company Freaks 4U Gaming has partnered with marketing, media and production agency Infront to launch Agent’s Range.

A platform for the German-speaking VALORANT community, Agent’s Range will cover the latest game news, produce content and broadcast tournaments in the region, including the very first Kingdom Calling competition.

Agents Range
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The new platform and community-building initiative will focus on high-quality editorial and video content, as well as serving as a tournament organiser with a dedicated German-speaking broadcast on Twitch.

Agent’s Range’s first tournament, Kingdom Calling, will run on November 6 and has already snagged sponsors including SamsungRed Bull and AMD. The tournament will feature influencers and prominent VALORANT teams in the region including Wave Esports and eXiLe Esports.

The budding hub for German-speaking VALORANT will also cover BLAST‘s upcoming tournament from November 6-8, Spike Nation, offering German commentary and analysis. Additionally, Agent’s Range will also serve as the official and exclusive German broadcast partner for Riot Games‘ officially sanctioned First Strike Finals in December.

Marco Niemann, Freaks 4U Gaming’s Vice President – Commercial is keen to kick off the new platform, commenting that “with Agent’s Range we are going to build the go-to-platform for VALORANT fans in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, offering brands a unique opportunity to get involved in one of the most hyped games in esports in recent years. With Infront we have found the perfect partner to commercialise our vision and look forward to creating high-quality and beneficial brand integrations for our partners.”

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Infront’s Head of Gaming & Esports, André Fläckel noted that “Joining forces with Freaks 4U Gaming is the next logical step to accelerate our ambitions in esports. The interest in VALORANT is rapidly increasing, both from a player and viewership perspective.

“Building Agent’s Range together with Freaks 4U Gaming from scratch is a huge opportunity and will open various fantastic avenues for Infront and its clients. Welcoming partners like Samsung, Red Bull and AMD as part of our launch tournament is even more exciting and shows we are heading in the right direction.”

Marco Sautner, Managing Director of Infront Germany, is similarly excited about what the new venture holds, “we are thrilled to be involved with an uprising esports title VALORANT alongside Freaks 4U Gaming, a trusted partner in the esports industry. We see a strong appetite from brands for esports and the need to educate brands to find the right platforms for their needs is still evident. It is our goal to provide sponsors with high-quality advertising opportunities in esports.”

Esports Insider says: The fact that Agent’s Range has already secured the German-language broadcast rights for both BLAST and Riot’s official tournament is a good sign for the platform’s longevity. Dedicated, localised content and broadcasts in languages other than English is always a good thing. It better caters to local audience tastes and frames of reference and helps build and reflect the rich tapestry of people, places and cultures of the global esports audience. 

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