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Learn2Esport, a European firm that provides esports programme management tools and educational resources, has announced a new partnership with streaming platform Twitch.

The companies will collaborate on a streaming curriculum that helps students better understand the live-streaming industry and potential careers within the space.

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Mark “Garvey” Candella, Director of Student and Education Programs at Twitch, commented in a release: “Learn2Esport has the vision to use the popularity and engagement of gaming and esports to provide students and high school programs with opportunities to build 21st-century skills that are in high demand by future employers.

“Teaching emerging, new, and digital media skills while students learn the soft skills required to work together is something one can be proud of. Twitch is honoured to work with Learn2Esport to provide better opportunities for students.”

According to a release, the ‘Twitch-focused pathway’ will impact the core elements of being a streamer and managing a personal brand, along with how to become a better broadcaster and presenter. It will also highlight the tools of the trade, marketing and viewer engagement, and a look at entrepreneurial elements via legal and financial add-on modules.

Learn2Esport currently serves European countries, however, the firm will launch its Gameplan programme management platform in North America in January 2021. The company plans expansion into Southeast Asia at some point thereafter due to the industry’s growth in the region.

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Rasmus Sandström, founder and CEO of Learn2Esport, added: “As the #1 streaming service, Twitch’s influence reaches all corners of the esports and gaming world. Their knowledge of the community building side of esports and their desire to empower the passion economy, positions Twitch to influence the education and future of the upcoming generation. We are very excited that Twitch has chosen to leverage their influence to benefit students. We are also very excited to work with them directly on educational curriculum and programs.”

Esports Insider says: It’ll be very interesting what the curriculum looks like! Nevertheless, it’s encouraging that Twitch sees the benefits of education in the space and perceives an opportunity to reach students with this programme.

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