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North American World of Warcraft raiding guild Complexity-Limit has announced a partnership with Chinese live streaming platform DouYu, which will produce its own localised broadcast of next week’s Raid to World First event.

Complexity-Limit was created in partnership between longtime guild Limit and esports organisation Complexity Gaming late last year, and the guild won the most recent Race to World First competition in February.

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Kyle Bautista, COO of Complexity Gaming, commented in a release: “We aim to deliver engaging content to our fans both at home and overseas. Through our partnership with DouYu, we will be able to bring one of the most unique experiences in gaming to our Complexity-Limit fanbase in China and contribute to the growth of World of Warcraft fandom around the world.”

Race to World First is the key event in the burgeoning PvE or “player vs environment” esports scene. Each event sees the world’s top World of Warcraft guilds battle against the clock to be the first team to complete the game’s new raid, with multiple guilds providing their own broadcasts. Viewership has soared, even 16 years after the game’s release, and teams have been able to court significant sponsors for the events.

DouYu will take the raw Complexity-Limit gameplay footage and produce its own distinctive livestream for the Chinese audience, rather than simply translate and localise the North American stream. Complexity-Limit became the first North American guild in a decade to win a Race to World First showdown.

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Cheng Chao, COO of DouYu, added: “In recent years, World of Warcraft RWF events have gradually gained more and more attention on live streaming platforms in China, each time creating one peak viewer number after another. By partnering with Complexity-Limit, one of the best World of Warcraft guilds in the world, DouYu will provide the best content and viewing experience to the Chinese World of Warcraft community.”

Complexity-Limit’s Race to World First broadcasts for the new Shadowlands expansion raid begins on December 15th. The guild has lined up key sponsors for the event, including Blue Microphones, Balanced Media Technology, Herman Miller, and Wowhead.

Esports Insider says: World of Warcraft’s continued popularity is nothing short of amazing, and Complexity-Limit is currently the top dog in the scene. This DouYu partnership will help expand the reach of the North American guild into a valuable new market.

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