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Nations Ventures, a venture capital fund majority-owned by We Are Nations, has invested in Australian based influencer merchandise and media company Hypr Carry.

Details of the amount invested in Hypr Carry have not been revealed, however, the funding will be used help establish a wholly-owned US subsidiary, Hypr Carry USA, LLC. The funding includes a cash investment to the firm’s parent company Hypr Carry Pty. Ltd.

Photo credit: Nations Ventures / Hypr Carry

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Hypr Carry’s North American subsidiary will also be a new affiliate of We Are Nations as part of the deal. 

“Working with Hypr Carry is probably the best example so far of the Nations Ventures investment strategy” commented Patrick Mahoney, a partner in Nations Ventures and CEO of We Are Nations.

“Hypr Carry has built a great business with great clients and an incredible management team. They were ready to scale and after a few months of conversations it became clear that Hypr Carry and the Nations family created a great partnership.”

Hypr Carry launched in early 2020 with the intention of ‘transforming the world of influencer merchandise’. Since its inception, the firm’s roster includes the likes of Luminosity creator Fresh, Fortintie players X2 Twins, Joshdub and Mully, among others.

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Aiden Hiko, Co-Founder of Hypr Carry stated: “It had been an incredible launch year for the team and we were looking closely at how to continue the momentum into 2021. It was important for us to secure a partner that was beneficial to the vision of Hypr, but also strengthened our network for our influencers. Enter the legends from We Are Nations and Nations Ventures’.

“Very early on, we realised Nations Ventures would be the perfect partner to strengthen our ability to execute on the vision we have for Hypr Carry.”

Esports Insider says: Given Nations Ventures expertise in apparel and merchandise, the venture capital fund’s investment will undoubtedly benefit Hypr Win in more ways than just financial gain. With the establishment of Hypr Carry USA, it seems like the firm’s influence-specific approach is paying off as the company has strengthened its global reach.

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