We hope you can make our virtual meetup in Detroit today. The event is free, features a pitch-off with Detroit startups, a talk regarding StockX, and a panel with Detroit VCs on best practices when fundraising.

This event is the second in TechCrunch’s new series, City Spotlights where TechCrunch focuses on an area to highlight successes and bring light to the growing area. Last month we were in Miami and soon we’re going to Pittsburgh.

Today’s event features talks on how to get hired at a startup and a fireside chat with two local investors: Jonathan Triest from Ludlow Ventures, and Patti Glaza from Invest Detroit Ventures. Both are key players in the local area and have a lot to share regarding the best way to raise cash in and out of Detroit. Following the chat with these investors, Ryan Landau, founder of Purpose Jobs, is speaking on startup hiring practices and trends in the Midwest.

The event starts with a talk regarding Detroit’s latest unicorn, StockX. TechCrunch recently published a deep dive on the company, and TechCrunch editor Alex Whilhem is speaking with the author of the feature, Rae Witte.

A pitch-off follows the StockX and features four Detroit-area startups and investors as judges.

Pitch-off companies

Pitch-off judges

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