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Atlanta Esports Ventures‘ franchises¬†will sit comfortably in its partnership with Respawn Products.

The deal will see Overwatch League franchise Atlanta Reign and Call of Duty League franchise Atlanta FaZe use Respawn Product’s gaming chairs.

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As well as the utilisation of Respawn Product’s chairs, the deal includes social media promotion and content product, involvement in the franchises’ home events, and other undisclosed activations.

Alex Gonzalez, Sponsorships and Promotional Lead at Respawn Products, spoke to Esports Insider about the partnership: “Atlanta Esports Ventures has shown a strong dedication to the esports market as one of the few companies currently invested within the Call of Duty League and Overwatch League. This dedication and passion towards the esports scene make them a perfect partner for Respawn and we’re looking forward to seeing what both of their teams are able to accomplish at their upcoming homestands and throughout the 2020 season.”

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Respawn Products partnered with Overwatch League franchise Houston Outlaws earlier this week, kitting out the team’s training area with gaming chairs and desks.

Atlanta Esports Ventures’ Call of Duty League franchise, Atlanta FaZe, is co-owned by North American organisation FaZe Clan. Esports Insider spoke with Paul Hamilton, President and CEO of Atlanta Esports Ventures, about the franchise in November.

Esports Insider says: Without seeing the content and promotional material at the time of writing, this partnership seems fairly standard when compared to other gaming chair deals in esports. With that said, there will be a lot of eyes on both franchises in 2020 so this seems like a good move by Respawn Products.

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