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Ahead of this weekend’s inaugural DreamHack Anaheim expo in California, the company has announced a partnership with esports startup Juked to host an official streaming portal.

The portal will aggregate various tournament feeds from the event’s myriad of esports competitions, as well as point website visitors towards schedules, recorded stream videos (VODs), and more.

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DreamHack Anaheim, the first event in the esports and gaming expo series to take place on the West Coast of the United States, will feature nine tournaments that will award a collective total of more than $500,000 (£385,167.50). The highest-profile tournaments include a $250,000 (£192,583.75) Fortnite competition and $100,000 (£77,033.50) competitions for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Ben Goldhaber, Co-founder of Juked, commented in a blog post: “The format of having so many different esports games and tournaments to follow, all at once, is one that fits our vision as Juked to a T. This is more than a normal esports tournament; it’s a celebration of esports culture itself. We’re fans of every esports community, and so are our friends at DreamHack, which is why this is so damn exciting for us.”

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Juked launched in open beta last November, aggregating event streams and showcasing information on upcoming events. Last week, the San Francisco-based startup announced a pre-seed funding round of $800,000 (£616,960) led by accelerator 500 Startups.

Esports Insider says: This could be a very valuable partnership for Juked, as it essentially seems to put an official stamp on what the company already does in its open beta. And for DreamHack, it provides a single destination for its many streams and events. Sounds like a good match.

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