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Argentinian esports organisation Malvinas Gaming has found its title sponsor in fellow national technology company EXO.

The deal includes the renaming of the side as Malvinas EXO Gaming, with ExO’s logo standing front and centre on the team’s jerseys.

Malvinas Exo Gaming
Photo credit: Malvinas Exo Gaming

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The sponsorship of Malvinas Gaming is a further step into esports from ExO, which has been offering its dedicated brand of EXO United Gamers PC line since 2016. The announcement came at an official launch event for the sponsorship at Esports Land, a dedicated gaming venue within the amusement park Parque de la Costa, Buenos Aires.

Charly González, CEO of Malvinas EXO Gaming, commented on the partnership: “We are proud that a company like ExO has chosen us to join us in the upcoming competitions. For us it is important that the Argentine company represents the Argentine team and help us take our team to the next level.”

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The launch event also saw brand activations from Musimundo, Libre Option, and Seagate and a one-on-one booth for fans for play against some of Malvinas EXO Gaming’s players.

Diego Balbo, Head of Sales Marketing at EXO, also spoke on the deal: “In the sense of continuing to expand the business, we understood that in order to get closer to the gamer community, we need to know more, which is why we felt that the best approach was from those entering the world. Malvinas EXO Gaming is a large group that defines all technical limitations.”

Esports Insider says: A strong partnership between two Argentinian organisation is always a plus for esports on a national level. The organisation competes across major titles such as League of Legends and CS:GO, and has several dedicated streamers, giving EXO plenty of national exposure to its brand and products. 

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