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Online communications company TeamSpeak has appointed Kent Wakeford, Vice Chairman and Co-founder of Gen.G, to its board of advisors.

Wakeford is joined by Michael Howse and Greg Ballard, both of which are General Partners of Eleven Ventures, as new additions to the board.

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Credits: Gen.G, TeamSpeak

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Wakeford is the former COO of both Kabam and Aftershock, companies that focus on mobile games. For almost three years, he has worked at multinational esports organisation Gen.G. He’s on the board of directors for FanAI and Skillz, and is an advisory board member for Influential.

These appointments come as TeamSpeak launches its ‘tournament edition,’ a version of its platform that has been built with competitive gaming in mind. The product is “ideally suited for online LAN and virtual events.”

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TeamSpeak joined forces with Overwatch League as its official voice supplier in December and also works with eNASCAR and eIndyCar.

Ian Bamford, CEO of TeamSpeak, spoke on tournament edition in a release: “The debut of our exciting TST offerings are now available to events, leagues and broadcasters as either a self-hosted option or hosted through TeamSpeak. Seamless in-game communications are critical on every level, and we’re thrilled that this superior technology is already being used by some of the largest and most successful teams and leagues in the world — all taking full advantage of the highest quality performance possible.

“We know that top players and teams demand the best ‘equipment’ and our products and services have been specifically designed to meet their exacting needs.”

Esports Insider says: Wakeford is clearly experienced in both gaming and esports so, with TeamSpeak making a big effort to get more involved in the latter, this seems like a good fit. ‘Tournament edition’ sounds like a worthwhile product and we’re sure we’ll see more events take it on before long.

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