Perhaps you have your logo, your Instagram account up and slowly growing, and a website that shows your portfolio—but the inquiries aren’t pouring in like you thought they’d be.

Or maybe you started your business three years ago and you put together a simple logo and Facebook page. Then, before you knew it, business was booming and there was no turning back. However, you’re noticing that those clients pouring in aren’t the type of clients you WANT to be working with.

Is this you? Well, you aren’t alone, my friend.

Branding is a beast of a topic, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed by it, or even be a pro to get it right. (Though, hiring a pro might be the best investment you could make.)

I’m here to give you key branding ideas for small businesses.

My number one tip? Show your brand personality.

Essentially, your brand is how you want your business to be perceived. In the digital realm, you use your brand’s personality to help you create an aesthetic, hone your message, curate content, and develop your client experience from search to sale. ⁠

So, who are you? I know how intimidating that question seems, but let’s simplify it a bit.

Today, I am sharing three quick prompts and branding ideas for small businesses to help you take your brand personality from basic to Miss Congeniality in no time.

Branding Ideas for Small Businesses in 3 Easy Steps

1. Keep it simple.

Remember, as an individual service provider, you are the face of your company. You are the one writing social captions and web copy (unless you hire a pro!) and you want it to be natural and easy. Anything that is not YOU is going to be a hardcore struggle to create and maintain.

Almost everyone who comes to me is having a hard time staying consistent on social media. Don’t overcomplicate it by trying to be someone you aren’t.

2. Set the tone.

When you chat with friends and clients, what sort of tone do you use? Are you short texts or long form emails? Supportive and kind or direct and blunt? The mom of the group or the class clown? Think of the things that make you YOU.

The world is your oyster here. Your brand can be ANYTHING you want it to be. You aren’t stuck in a box just because you’re in a certain industry. Pretty awesome, right?

Write those natural personality traits down and infuse that into your content as often as possible. Soon, it will become second nature and easy peasy.

3. Speak your copy.

When you are starting out in writing copy or text of any kind, speak it into your voice memos. Use your natural way of speaking and listen back. What do you notice? Are you happy-go-lucky and wholesome? Edgy with a side of sass? Strictly professional and sophisticated? What is the vibe you are putting out there?

If it is giving off the feel you had hoped, great! If not, adjust as needed until you get it right. ⁠

Infusing natural personality into your brand is the easiest way to grab attention and attract your ideal clients. It is something that should evolve with you, so keeping checking in and don’t be afraid to make adjustments as you go. 

The Major Takeaway on Branding Ideas for Small Businesses

Do not fake it or put too much pressure on yourself as you learn and grow. Unless you hire someone to do the writing for you, you cannot sustain a brand with an artificial voice. Yes, you have to consider who you are marketing to.

Yes, you should know your niche and use a tone that attracts those clients. But, putting up a façade when you are the only person behind your business is just going to be the fastest way to burnout mode. You need to feel confident and comfortable in everything you create.

Infusing natural personality into your brand is the easiest way to grab attention and attract your ideal clients. And remember, it is something that should evolve with you, so keep checking in and don’t be afraid to make any needed adjustments as you go.

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