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Computer hardware manufacturer Acer has become the latest partner of R8G eSports, a sim racing team launched by French Formula One driver Romain Grojean.

The deal will see Predator, Acer’s gaming brand, provide the team’s drivers with desktop computers and other peripherals.

Acer x R8G eSports
Image credit: R8G e-Sports

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By providing representatives of the team with new equipment, Acer will gain access to the team’s drivers for content and will have its Predator branding on a range of cars across various sim racing events, including the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Grojean spoke on the partnership in a release: “Launching my own sim racing team is a proud moment because I’m passionate about motorsport, innovation and embracing new challenges. The main goal of the R8G Sim Racing Team is to develop drivers that have the potential to race for real which is an exciting prospect. We’re proud to have the best-of-the-best gaming gear with Predator onboard to become the best-of-the-best in sim racing as we bridge the gap between the virtual and real racing worlds.”

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Hajo Blingen, Vice President of Marketing at Acer Europe, added: “We have chosen to enter the sim racing scene enabling us to connect with new audiences from the virtual racing world, but also from the real racing world. Virtual racing represents a very emotional brand experience and supports us communicating the fascination for gaming technology to a new target group of ever-growing eSports fans. We are excited to support Romain Grosjean to build a world-class sim racing team.”

Esports Insider says: Given the recent explosion in exposure for sim racing, brands entering the space by partnering teams and events comes as no surprise as the scene shows no signs of slowing down in the coming months. With no signs of normality returning anytime soon, expect more brands to enter sim racing with similar partnerships of this nature in the near future.

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