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The Asian Electronic Sports Federation (AESF) has partnered with Coventry University to develop opportunities for its students.

This partnership is said to focus on the university’s future esports course development and enhancing students’ experience through working with the federation and its members.

Asian Electronic Sports Federation announces Coventry University as strategic partner
Credit: Coventry University

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Sebastian Lau, Director General of Asian Electronic Sports Federation, spoke on the partnership in a release: “Coventry University’s expertise in sports management and business studies will help further support our member associations, players, and officials in developing content around the education of esports. This collaboration not only signifies AESF’s continuous effort in supporting this industry, but it also reflects Coventry University’s dedication and commitment to adapting and keeping up with the times.”

Coventry University is considered one of the top universities in the United Kingdom, consistently ranking around 50th in the nation. It’s certainly not one of the first UK universities to embrace esports in its curriculum, however. In 2018, Staffordshire University introduced the first esports degree in the nation that was said to focus on the business and event management aspects of the industry.

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Kenneth Fok, President of the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, added: “I would like to celebrate this close relationship we are forming with Coventry University, one of the UK’s most esteemed educational institutions. Not only does it benefit the AESF and our member associations, but it also opens the doors to many more potential partnerships from academia going forward. This will not only be beneficial to our athletes but also various stakeholders in this industry.

“We look forward to supporting our esports community as well as future talents for their growth and further development in collaboration with Coventry University.”

Esports Insider says: This collaboration could be a good opportunity for students in Asia to further explore their studies in the esports industry through formal education at Coventry University. With the support of AESF, students will be able to apply their learnings into real-life working experience provided by the federation and its members. 

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