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Nordic organisation North Esports has announced a new partnership with data analytics company YouGov.

As a result of the deal, YouGov’s logo will be present on the sleeve of North’s new ‘Ragnarok’ jerseys. Moreover, both entities will collaborate to take part in ‘one of the most extensive market analysis’ of esports fans in the Nordics’, according to the organisation.

Credit: North Esports

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On the partnership, Alexander Mørch Pedersen, CMO at North Esports, commented:  “We continue on our journey at becoming a leading Nordic esports organisation. Partnering up with YouGov will help us get there. 

“Their proven track record in gathering and analysing data will help us in mapping out the Nordic esports community, becoming even better at seeing and acting on future opportunities as well as substantiating our knowledge within the community. 

“We believe our YouGov partnership will have an immense impact in helping our current and future partners achieve their strategic goals.”

The partnership sees YouGov strengthen its global reach in esports by branching into the Nordics, following on from last year’s analytical project regarding North America’s perception of the industry. In total, the firm has a proprietary panel of more than nine million users across its global research network.

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Nikolaj Hædersdal Poulsen, Account Director at YouGov, added: “We are really looking forward to working with North Esports to utilise our consumer data and approach to market analysis to streamline the strategic efforts for North Esports.

“YouGov is building a strong global position in esports, where we constantly are monitoring the industry. We have a lot of experience with the American market, and a collaboration with North is an important step to build our presence in the Nordic region.” 

Esports Insider says: North’s agreement with YouGov should strengthen the brand’s identity, as long as the firm utilises the data company’s analytical network to create a greater understanding of its audience. Additionally, the partnership allows YouGov to gain a foothold into the Nordic’s whilst also promoting the company, via its sleeve sponsorship.

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