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North American esports organisation Panda Global has announced a closed beta for a fighting-game data and analytics platform and website, as part of its project.

The platform aims to use computer vision and machine learning to process and analyse data for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate.

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PGstats is expected to draw on nearly 30,000 VODs and historical data from tens of thousands of tournaments to feed into its AI. Labelled ‘PandaCV’, PGstats’ AI will store, process and analyse the data provided for a variety of purposes.

Participants in the closed beta will be able to access features and data on players, characters, rankings and tournaments, as well as assist the PGstats team in improving how the site serves its users.

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Dr. Alan Bunney, CEO of Panda Esports noted that “ is the beginning of Panda’s larger initiative to serve esports in a more comprehensive way that focuses on consuming and analysing data — something that esports fans have wanted for years but never had fulfilled.”

PGStats’ Director of Growth, Jack Moore, added that “ is part of a project to foster a smarter esports scene, one that is more educated, and more importantly, more curious about the inner workings of the games they play.”

Esports Insider says: For an esports organisation with a competitive arm focused on fighting games, this move makes a lot of sense. While the naming of ‘PandaCV’ is probably just a case of coincidence, using computer vision to read and analyse esports matches is strikingly similar to French tech company Pandascore’s ‘Pandavision.’ Mind you a dedicated AI and service for Smash users and pros can be helpful for the scene in terms of learning, improvement and community development.

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