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New York-based sports network Overtime has acquired North American organisation Evade and launched Overtime Gaming.

Overtime Gaming will be the destination for the sports network’s esports and gaming-related initiatives.

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The organisation, which is the merger of Evade and the company’s own Team Overtime, will compete in the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS). According to a release, Overtime Gaming will rank among the top 10 teams in the FNCS power rankings based on its new signings.

Dan Porter, CEO and Co-founder of Overtime, commented in a release: “Stories about players’ lives, challenges and hopes are told everywhere in traditional sports. There’s a massive opportunity to tell those stories in gaming. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Hantao and our team to find those stories and help tell them in a way that speaks to our community and the next generation.”

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Overtime Gaming will additionally create lifestyle content through OvertimeTW, a division of the company known for specialising in creating NBA 2K content. The breed of content promised from Overtime’s gaming initiative is said to be a mix of short and long-form, with products “focusing on storytelling, [and] not [statistics].”

Hantao Yuan, Head of Overtime Gaming, also spoke to the venture: “Overtime comes to the table with a large community, an existing infrastructure for developing and selling content, and expertise in merchandising. That combo is unique in the gaming world. Together, we can bring gaming content to a larger and more diverse audience, and create new experiences that translate gaming’s energy and excitement into real life.”

Esports Insider says: While the word ‘content’ is thrown around a lot in this industry, it’s not very often you get to see the caliber of production that Overtime offers. Based off of the company’s previous products and its emphasis on the distinction of its forthcoming gaming content, there’s a lot to get excited about here.

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